13521.2.topic 2nd

guten morgen liebe freunde der schwerkraft…,

  • this post contains the corrected keyword list which was matched agains a german reference corpus. see details with the sketch engine corpus framework.


wir werden hier auch dieses jahr versuchen, den immensen forscherdrang der suchenden nach antworten zum xmasriddle des t-spiegels zu nutzen, etwaige leserschaft auf diese seite zu ziehen. dabei sind natürlich nur unsere rein wissenschaftlichen interessen überhaupt von belang.


  1. corpus building of riddle text
  2. topic modeling on corpus
  3. integrate keywords here
  4. wait for clicks.
  5. analyze clicks.
  6. be happy over clicks.
  7. apply click analysis to keyword dataframe
  8. analyse again, freu again, evaluate application


keywords extraction see script

  1. the appendix of this post includes a list of keywords which should make the post appear in searches.
  2. this list is not yet really a keyword list but just the most frequent terms of the riddle text.
    1. in yet a 2nd post we will to be able to compare click counts try to refine the list to a real keyword list by matching it against a reference corpus. this should exclude words which appear often and under normal circumstances without the riddle context in texts.
    2. this post is the 2nd post with the reference matched keyword list from sketch engine.
      1. we correct ourselves: this is not a keyword list, but rather a complete list of types of the riddle. now this should way easy get clicks, but its really geschummelt. so its time for a 3rd post with a list of keywords of a certain yet to define frequency rank. we will put this here posts geschummelte list as comment and not visible…

appendix: keywords for clickbait.

read my lips.

you should not be able to see the list without some effort…